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Wenatchee vet clinic offers free Bronco castrations to support Seahawks

A Wenatchee veterinary clinic is doing its part to help the Seahawks in the Super Bowl with this 'cutting' offer. (Photo courtesy Cascade Veterinary Clinic)

A Wenatchee veterinary clinic is hoping to help the Seahawks cut down Denver in the Super Bowl with a sign that’s getting plenty of attention.

“Free Bronco castrations all week,” the sign reads at Cascade Veterinary Clinic in the heart of downtown. “Go Seahawks.”

“We thought it would be funny to tell people that when it comes to equine castrations, we’re the best one’s in the country to handle that,” laughs Dr. Ty Johnson, one of the vets at the clinic.

Johnson says the idea came from one of his colleagues as they watched the Seahawks thrilling victory over San Francisco last Sunday.

“We try to throw up lighthearted stuff like this all the time, so this is just a good opportunity to support the Seahawks,” he says.

So far, reaction has been positive.

“There have been people stopping by and taking pictures and texting it all over the place. Nobody’s had anything bad to say,” Johnson says.

So far, no one’s taken them up on the offer and the clinic actually isn’t equipped to handle large animals.

“But we are trained to do it,” Johnson laughs.

Despite the offer, Johnson says the doctor’s won’t be serving Rocky Mountain oysters at their Super Bowl party.

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