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Seattle couple making best of it after their wedding falls on a Seahawks Super Bowl

Shawna Cook and her fiance Brian Mascarelli are embracing their mutual love for NFL football and allowing Super Bowl viewing at their wedding. (Image courtesy Shawna Cook)

When Shawna Cook and her fiancé Brian Mascarelli were looking for a date to hold their wedding, Feb. 2 seemed just as good a date as any other.

“I said OK how about Feb. 2, 2-2, that’s easy enough for my fiance to remember,” says Cook. “About a month later, it struck me, holy crud, it’s on the Super Bowl.”

Cook tells KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson she’s been a Seahawks fan all her life, and while she’d be hoping against hope most years for her team to make it to the Super Bowl, this year there was a small part of her wishing maybe they wouldn’t.

“Of course there was a small part, a tiny, tiny demon inside me that said jeez, the one year the Seahawks have a chance is the one year I kind of hope they’ll wait for next year.”

But by the NFC Championship game, Cook was back on the Seahawks side as her husband is a lifelong 49ers fan.

“It was the 49ers or the Seahawks. And if one side of the family was going to be distracted at the Super Bowl, I’d rather have it be my side of the family and see the Seahawks go.”

Once the chance was realized, and the Seahawks were heading to the Super Bowl, Cook and her husband decided to just dig in and make it a sort of joint celebration.

“We’re both huge NFL fans and even though last Sunday in particular was a point of contention between us, we both enjoy the atmosphere and we support each other and we’ve decided to just make it an epic celebration on all accounts,” says Cook. “My family and friends all agree with us and we’re all just going to make it an epic Super Bowl/wedding.”

Cook says there will be no big screens during the ceremony, but during dinner, they’ll pull one out so that fans can check in on the team. The game will play through dinner and they’ve timed things out so the real party starts after the game concludes, bringing full attention back to the happy couple.

And while some might assume a man might rather watch a Super Bowl than get married, Cook says not according her guy.

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