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Seahawks depth chart: Robert Turbin ‘working hard’ in shadow of Marshawn Lynch


For the last few days, the Seahawks story line has been the postgame rant of Richard Sherman. But you’ll get none of that from Seattle’s unassuming, reserve running back, who is waiting patiently for his star to shine.

Minutes after quarterback Russell Wilson took a final knee last Sunday, the football world was focused on Richard Sherman, declaring himself the “best corner in the game” and calling his San Francisco 49ers rival a “sorry receiver.” Compare that to the soft-spoken running back Robert Turbin, who has a different attitude about his role on the team.

“If my number is called in a game, whether it’s at running back or a punt return, special teams, I’m ready to go and my teammates and coaches can depend on me,” said Turbin.

An all-league safety in high school, Turbin decided to pursue football from the offensive side of the line of scrimmage.

“It’s kind of funny, I think about it all the time, how my career would maybe be different if I would have played defense,” he laughed.

Turbin is in his second year as a Seahawks back-up, operating in the shadow of Marshawn Lynch. It’s clear that he tires of comparisons to his All-Pro teammate but he graciously talks of his mentor and a day when he’s the go-to ball carrier.

“There’s definitely things in his game that I can take from his game and incorporate into mine to improve my game, but at the end of the day, he has to be him and I have to be me,” Turbin concluded.

Even in a reserve role, Turbin is thrilled for the chance to play in the Super Bowl.

“That’s an opportunity that you just dream about when you’re a young kid, being in the Super Bowl, having an opportunity to win it so you definitely get that sense of excitement.”

But Turbin and the Seahawks are trying to ignore the media hype.

“Players stay the same,” said Turbin. “You stay on the exact same course that got you here and you hope that same course gets you to the title.”

His teammates and the fans like Turbin. But for now, nobody really wants to see Number 22 taking all the handoffs. Still, Turbin wants fans to know, he’s ready.

“If I had to tell the 12s anything, I just want them all to know that I am working very, very hard.”

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