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Seahawks fan says game will kill him, selling tickets

Karnal Manhas said the level of excitement at Sunday's Seahawks game might kill him. (KIRO Radio)

Karnal Manhas is selling his tickets to Sunday’s Seahawks game because it’ll kill him if he goes.

Not really kill him, but he told KIRO Radio’s Tom and Curley Show he doesn’t want to take any chances with his heart.

“I had heart surgery in April and my heart doesn’t take a lot of this punishment. Just watching the game last weekend it was at its wits end in the last two minutes.”

This isn’t easy for Manhas, a resident of British Columbia who has been going to Seahawks games for years.

His two seats, posted on Craigslist, are located between the 38 and 40 yard line on the visitor’s side, row B, seats 6 & 7, section 108 charters.

Manhas said he just doesn’t want to risk it with the standing up and the fans cheering and yelling. Even watching at home on TV poses a risk.

“I’ve got my nitro right beside me,” said Manhas, who added that the fees at our American hospitals are just too high for his liking.

His Healthy Heart Program suggested he wait until next year when he’s a little stronger. So let’s hope, for Manhas’ sake, the Seahawks can repeat this run.

–Last check, tickets were sold. Go Hawks!

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