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San Francisco 49er fans say Seahawks cheat at home

The San Francisco 49ers fans famous for complaining about the 12th Man noise would like to see us be a little quieter Sunday. (AP Photo/file)

The San Francisco 49ers fans famous for writing a letter to the editor accusing the Seahawks 12th Man of unsportsmanlike conduct are not excited about the loud fans the 49ers will likely find on Sunday in Seattle.

Judy Spelman and Rich Schiller tell KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson they want to see the best team win, not the loudest fans.

“We like a level playing field. Old time sports where you got there and you battled it out,” says Judy. “I think it’s very unfriendly to try to win the game by causing the other team not to be able to call their signals.”

Rich and Judy were also not pleased that San Francisco fans didn’t have a shot at the playoff tickets released on Monday.

“Are you afraid of 500 49er fans? Are we so powerful that we’re scaring your delicate sensibilities?” Judy asks.

But Seattle wasn’t the only team to give preference to their home-team fans, says Monson, who points out the Denver Broncos did exactly the same thing.

“If you have the option of selling to your own fans and selling to the opponents fans, who wouldn’t do that?” says Monson.

Judy says it’d just be nice if the Seahawks fans conduct themselves in a manner that aligns with good sportsmanship, which we take to mean they’d like us to quiet down.

Monson says that’s unlikely to happen. Pretty much the only thing Monson, Rich and Judy can agree on is that it will be a great game Sunday. They certainly don’t agree on the outcome.

“I have enormous respect for the 49ers and playing in three straight conference championship games is a fantastic accomplishment, but I think the Seahawks are the better team on a neutral field, and I think they are definitely the better team on the home field because the fans give them a huge home-field advantage,” says Dori.

“Because they cheat at home,” Judy asserts.

Looks like this Seahawks-49ers battle will really only end out on the field.

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