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Mayors talk trash, make bets on Seahawks-Saints showdown

It's New Orleans seafood versus Seattle salmon as the mayor's of both cities lay down their bets for Saturday's Seahawks-Saints showdown. (AP images)

Seatte’s new mayor Ed Murray has only been on the job for a week, but he’s already talking smack – at least when it comes to the Saints.

Murray and New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu had plenty of good natured barbs for each other as they came together Friday on the Ron and Don Show to lay down their bets on Saturday’s NFC playoff game.

“He’s [Landrieu] going to be very disappointed after tomorrow,” Murray said. “I mean three weeks ago, Seahawks 34-7. I think it’s going to be very similar.”

But Landrieu sounded pretty confident himself.

“I know y’all got the upper hand, the last time we were there y’all handed it to us. We were humbled by the whole thing,” he said. “But the Saints are coming in a big way. We actually painted the floor of the Super Dome the colors of Seattle this week just to make sure we could play on it well and be prepared for you guys when we get up there.”

Murray pointed out a small problem with that preparation – the Saints will have to actually play outside.

“What’s the deal, you all should have had a Super Dome,” Landrieu joked.

The mayor said he did his part to help the Saints get ready for the rain by standing on the sideline with a hose and shouting at the top of his lungs during practice.
“I think they’re ready for you guys,” he laughed.

“We’ll let you know what a hose feels like,” Murray countered.

If somehow the Saints manage to pull off the upset, Murray wagered some donuts from Seattle’s Top Pot and salmon from Pike Place Market. Landrieu in turn is putting up some Louisiana seafood and King Cakes, elaborate cakes made for Mardi Gras.

Despite Murray’s trash talk, Landrieu did remind him of the biggest thing New Orleans has that Seattle doesn’t – a Super Bowl title.

“I hope you guys to experience it at some point. I don’t think it’s going to be this year,” Landrieu chided.

But Murray wasn’t backing down one bit, offering his counterpart a little advice.

“Mr. Mayor, please remember to bring your ear plugs,” he said.

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