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Richard Sherman: Seahawks maintaining championship mentality in playoffs

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman joined Dori Monson Thursday to talk about the bye week and what is coming up for the team. (AP Photo/file)

On their third try, the Seahawks finally got to celebrate after wrapping up the division title and home-field advantage in the playoffs with a 27-9 win over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

Having failed two times previously, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson it felt pretty good out there on the field as the division title was finally realized.

“It’s like a party out there man, it really is,” says Sherman. “It’s exciting. It’s exciting for the team. It’s exciting for the players, the fans. It’s a good time.”

The Seahawks’ home field is still feared, and they will host Green Bay, New Orleans or San Francisco next. Whoever they go up against, Sherman says it will be a good match-up.

“All of them are playoff teams. All of them have had good seasons to make it to where they are,” says Sherman, who expresses confidence about their chances, regardless of the opponent. “I think we’ll be fine whichever match-up we get. We try to focus on us more than we focus on anybody else and what they come to do.”

The 12th Man is already predicting a Super Bowl, but Sherman says the team is just trying to focus on each game as it comes and not getting too distracted by the big prize.

“It will be exciting if we go there,” says Sherman. “Right now, we’ve just got another game and another step in our journey.”

Heading into the playoffs doesn’t result in a marked change in their focus, Sherman says.

“Our team has treated it like a championship week every week,” says Sherman. “I don’t think it changes any now. It’s been a championship week, championship mentality, so that is where we intend to keep it.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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