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12th Man promoting Richard Sherman’s mom to be new face of Chunky Soup

The Seahawks fans who raised enough money to fly a 12th Man banner over San Francisco’s Candlestick Park are at it again, this time trying to get a new gig for Richard Sherman’s mom – spokesperson for Campbell’s Chunky Soup.

Die-hard Seahawks fan Cedric Morris has gotten to know Beverly Sherman over the past couple of years as the Seattle-area transplant who now calls Los Angeles home has traveled to a number of games. He also hosts 12th Man viewing parties at a Southern California bar frequented by “Mama Sherman.”

“Whenever you see her out there in any city, she’s always out their with the fans. She’s just the ultimate team mom. She’s just an awesome lady.”

Morris got the idea to promote Sherman for the campaign when he saw one of the Campbell’s Soup commercials featuring the Packers’ Clay Matthews and his mom.

“While Richard has always been a “Mama’s boy,” she has adopted an entire fan base, creating a massive legion of Mama’s boys and girls. Just as Chunky Soup reminds us of warm mealtimes with our own mothers, Mama provides fans with a comforting link to our team,” Morris writes on a Facebook page he set up to promote the campaign.

Fans have also been displaying a banner boosting her candidacy in the end zone at Seahawks games. It’s not an official contest, but Morris is confident if enough people spread the word and Richard’s star continues to shine, the company will be convinced to adopt Mama Sherman as one of their own.

“I’m in their ear and they’re listening. The more “likes” we get, the better the chance,” he says. “She is just the sweetest lady ever, she interacts with all the fans. She invited me to Richard’s birthday party along with seven other fans.”

Just over 4,000 people have liked the page so far.

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