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Boeing Machinist says union withholding information

Boeing Machinists will get a chance to vote on a new contract offer on Jan. 3. (KIRO Radio/file)

A Boeing Machinist who voted yes on the contract proposal to keep he 777X here is in the process of filing a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board – alleging that the union has been withholding information and manipulating its members by sending out what he calls “propaganda.”

His name is Timothy Limestall, and he talked with KING 5’s John Langler.

“We’ve been provided propaganda and scare tactics,” says Limestall. “Unfortunately, I think we’re being whipsawed against the international and the local, and the only ones that are going to lose is the Machinists.

Limestall has been with the company since 1985, and in fact served as a shop steward with the union. The union points out that if he doesn’t like the union analysis of the contract, the entire offer is published at the union’s website.

The upcoming vote on Boeing’s latest proposal that’s set for Jan. 3 was called by the international union over the objection of the local. Union spokeswoman Connie Kelliher says it also comes at a time when a lot of members are on vacation.

“Since we knew the international had forced a vote and the date picked was Jan. 3, 751, which is the local leadership here, did everything possible to try to get that date changed,” says Kelliher.

But since the dates isn’t being changed, the union instead will arrange for Machinists to get the chance to vote by mail on the latest Boeing contract proposal. Union spokesman Bryan Corliss says they got one-time approval from international leaders for this Monday.

“We’re trying to make arrangements for our members who are on vacation over the holidays to cast absentee ballots. We’re going to do our best to give all of our members a chance to vote on the proposal,” says Corliss.

Boeing has said that if Machinists approve the contract, it will build the 777X and its composite wing in the Puget Sound area.

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