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Seahawk Doug Baldwin’s bouncing forearms under investigation?

Doug Baldwin joked on twitter Monday that it must be his big bounce inspiring forearms that stuck him with a random drug test on Monday. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

There was plenty of dispute about the call that ended the Seahawks final drive on Sunday. The refs called a play by Karlos Dansby an interception, saying the ball bounced off wide receiver Doug Baldwin, even though it appeared the ball hit the ground.

The game ended with the Cardinals beating the Seahawks 17-10. Though the call didn’t go his way, Baldwin had a good attitude about the loss.

“It’s a good thing that it happened here because now we know that we’re not invincible at home,” Seattle wide receiver Doug Baldwin said. “This is going to help us, not only with the next game next week, but through the playoffs if we get home field advantage.”

On Monday, Baldwin further made light of the situation, blaming his spectacular bounce-inspiring forearms for a notice he was scheduled for a random drug test – which all players are subjected to at some point in the season.

“Further investigation on why my forearms are strong enough to bounce the ball 20 feet up in the air…” Baldwin tweeted along with a picture of the drug test notice.

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