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Complaining 49er fans lose bet, to wear Seahawks jerseys

Two vocal opponents of the Seahawks 12th Man will be dressing up like the 12th Man themselves. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

A pair of San Francisco 49er fans who earlier this season wrote a letter to the editor complaining about Seattle’s 12th Man will soon be looking like Seahawks fans themselves after losing a bet to KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson.

Monson welcomed 49ers fans Rich and Judy to the show on Friday. As is practice going into any game between two rivals, Monson and the two 49ers fans made a little wager. The terms were laid out by Dori:

“If Seattle wins or loses by less than three, you’re both going to wear Seahawks jerseys and we’ll post the picture on my blog. If the 49ers win by more than three I will send you some Seattle smoked salmon,” said Dori.

The game ended with a score of 19-17, the 49ers taking the final lead with a 22-yard field goal in the last 26 seconds.

While Rich and Judy took pride in being fans of the winning team, Monson actually won the bet. Rich said he’d totally forgotten about the point spread they agreed to.

“I honestly forgot about the three-point spread because I was thinking just about the quality of play, not betting.”

But Monson assured them he was thinking about the bet, and Seahawks garb will be on its way to Rich and Judy shortly.

“Send the jerseys, we’ll do it,” Rich agreed, after Monson replayed audio of the terms as outlined on Friday’s show. Along with the jerseys, Rich said they plan to include a sign that details the outcome of the game in the picture.

Even though they lost the bet, Judy said it was good once and for all to see the two teams play against one another on a “level playing field.” Judy and Rich’s famous letter claimed the Seahawks had an unfair advantage playing with the 12th Man in Seattle.

“Our fans are not screaming and yelling. It’s a level playing field and you can actually get a measure of the quality of the teams,” said Judy. “I think what we saw was San Francisco is a smidge better than Seattle, not a lot better. You guys are great in many ways, but we are a smidge better. Anytime we play away from Seattle, we’re going to beat you guys.”

But Dori reminded Judy they likely won’t be playing us away from Seattle again this year.

In that case, if the two teams do face each other in Seattle, Judy suggested once again the 12th Man be quiet.

“You guys could actually ask your fans this time around to not be the 12th Man, to level the playing field,” said Judy. “Let’s see who the best team really is. That would be wonderful. You could start that on your radio show.”

“I have zero interest in starting that,” said Dori. “I’ve already won a bet from both of you. I’m riding high so far this year.”

Photo of Judy and Rich showing their 12th Man spirit coming soon!

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