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Seattle Seahawks fans, can we now start relishing our frontrunner status?

The Seattle Seahawks are showing some serious dominance, can we as Seattle Seahawks fans, finally start settling into a frontrunner mentality? (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

Taken from The Ron & Don Show on KIRO Radio.

Ron says…

If you’re from here, the thing that most Seattle Seahawks fans are kind of feeling is a sense of reserved optimism.

Since I moved here in 1990, this is the most optimistic I’ve felt, including the Matt Hasselbeck/Shaun Alexander team that went to the Super Bowl.

I feel more optimistic about this team, and yet I feel the same way I felt before the Denver Broncos – my boyhood football team – won their first Super Bowl. I have that feeling of something is going to go wrong.

If you’re an old-school Tom Flores-era Seattle Seahawks fan and you remember the games in the Kingdome and Brian Bosworth in his headband – how does that Seahawks fan feel about this streak? Can you even entertain a Super Bowl number two for the Seahawks yet?

These current Seahawks players and Coach Carroll, they come from a different place. Carroll is used to being the top dog at USC.

Earlier this season, he brought Snoop Dogg into the locker room in a full blown Marshawn Lynch uniform from head to toe, gave him a pair of the green gloves. That’s something that a confident coach does, where he’s like a lot of my players love Snoop, I’m going to bring him into the locker room.

Carroll is used to that I’m a frontrunner mentality. All of the guys on the team weren’t probably 1-day-old in the Tom Flores-era. They don’t know the history of that, they don’t carry that around.

Should we carry our history with us as fans and temper our optimism, or should we get into that frontrunner mindset and be confident like Coach Carroll and our current players?

Taken from The Ron & Don Show on KIRO Radio.


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