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Metro riders so accustomed to strangeness they don’t sound alarm for man with nylon mask

Metro bus riders might want to keep a better eye out for clear warning signs. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Taken from Tuesday’s edition of The David Boze Show.

A group of citizens were able to subdue a masked man trying to rob Metro bus riders in Seattle on Monday. But it seems, looking over the Seattle Police Blotter’s outline of the event, that riders should have been a little concerned even before the suspect drew a gun.

Here is an excerpt from the blotter:

Preliminary investigation indicates that the suspect got onto the bus at 3rd Avenue and Pike Street wearing a nylon stocking mask pulled down over his face. He sat down and kept to himself until the bus reached the 6000 block of California Avenue SW. He then stood up, brandished a handgun and began pointing the gun at people’s heads and robbing them.

I just want to point this out: if you’re on a Metro bus, first of all I’m sorry, secondly, if you see somebody get on the bus and they’re wearing a nylon stocking mask – at what point did we, as a society, reach a point where everybody just kind of sits there and says, ‘Well that’s just what people do?’

It’s not Halloween; they’re wearing a nylon stocking mask. People who walk around in public with the nylon stocking mask – in the movies, they only have two reasons to do it. One, they’re going to rob you or somebody around them. Two, they’re about to kidnap somebody. It’s never a good reason.

If somebody gets on the bus and they’re wearing the nylon stocking mask over their face, you know they’re planning on doing some kind of criminal act based on number two, based on the fact that we’ve already established the only reason people do that, put a nylon over their face, is to rob people or kidnap people.

This is yet another reason why people do not want to leave their cars and enjoy the riches of a stranger’s company on the bus, particularly when it’s quite obvious you’re stuck dealing with “strangegoids” that come on the bus wearing nylon masks over their face, and you reach a point in the urban environment, in the midst of the city, where you just look away.

This is what people do. You’re walking down the sidewalk, you see somebody weird, you just avoid eye contact in the hopes that that strange individual won’t spit on you. It’s just a freak show that people don’t want to be in, and you’re just stuck in it on a bus.

I say heroes to those young guys that decided to tackle the 19-year-old with the gun, and zeroes for those of you sitting by on the bus as the guy’s sitting there with a nylon mask on.

Taken from Tuesday’s edition of The David Boze Show.

Gunman robs passengers on Metro bus in Seattle


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