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Chris Hansen responds to allegations of kickbacks and subsidies

Chris Hansen reminds his supporters his proposal has been vetted by both Seattle and King County, which sought independent legal counsel. (AP)

Sonics without Subsidies says its investigation into a Memorandum of Understanding between Seattle, King County, and a group of arena investors found taxpayers would be on the hook for $731 million. But Chris Hansen says it’s just not true.

On his blog dedicated to building a home for the Seattle SuperSonics in the SoDo neighborhood, Hansen wrote he was surprised to see The Seattle Times editorial writers run with the report from Sonics without Subsidies, opponents of an arena. He said the report was “rife with errors in legal interpretation, math, and basic reasoning.”

Hansen reminded his supporters his proposal has been vetted by both Seattle and King County and their independent legal counsels.

Hansen wrote:

“Based solely on the apparent legal expertise of the Times’ Editorial Board and a biased report paid for by the opposition, the MOU is apparently illegal and our group is apparently receiving over $700 million in illegal subsidies. Great work. I guess everyone else involved just missed this.”

Hansen included five points where the report is wrong. He also said he and his group are currently going through Seattle’s environmental and design review processes.

“Without getting into a lot of detail, I can say that I am pleased with the progress we have made,” wrote Hansen.

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