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Mr. & Mrs. Seahawk help us cope with football withdrawal during the bye week

There will be no Seahawks action this weekend. No Steve Raible jumping out of his shoes at a Marshawn Lynch touchdown. It’s the bye week, with the biggest game of the year staring the Hawks in the face next week.

So what’s the 12th Man to do?

There are leaves to rake. There’s Thanksgiving to shop for. There will be time to reacquaint yourself with your family, and time enough to fix the faucet, without Marshawn Lynch’s help.

But for the best advice on what to do during this non-Seahawks weekend, I went right to the source, Mr. Seahawk, otherwise known as Jeff Schumaier.

Mr. Seahawk, is one of the team’s super fans. You will find him and his wife, Mrs. Seahawk, sitting on the rail in the south endzone every game, dressed in their brightly-colored wigs, full Hawks uniforms and face paint.

What is the first couple of the Seahawks family doing this weekend?

“Normally our plans would be to catch up on things we haven’t been catching up on because of the incredible season we’re having, but what we’re going to do this week is help a fundraiser,” Schumaier said. So Jeff and DeDe, AKA, Mr. and Mrs. Seahawk, will be getting painted up anyway to help raise money for a young cancer patient.

Mr. Seahawk’s advice for the rest of us this weekend is simple: Just relax. Take a deep breath. Turn down the stress level by doing whatever feels right. “We can kind of relax this week and don’t have to get all stressed-out until next week,” he said.

And Mr. Seahawk recommends you set aside some time this weekend to reflect on the Hawks 10-and-1 start and how special this season has been. “Enjoy the ride,” he said. “In ’05, that season was incredible, and it went by so fast. Enjoy every minute of this.”

Of course, you could always spend this weekend stressing about the Hawks’ next game and raise your blood pressure early.

With the Saints winning Thursday night, they are only one game back of the Seahawks. So that game December 2 will give the winner the inside track to home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

It’s never too soon to start stressing about that.

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