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A Christmas tree before Thanksgiving? Late holiday causes conundrum

With Thanksgiving falling so late this year, it’s causing a conundrum for a lot of families trying to decide when to put up their Christmas trees.

We were talking around the office Thursday after one of our co-workers (who shall remain nameless) admitted he was going to tarnish turkey day by putting up his tree this weekend.

“I like to say six weeks of Christmas tree. In order to get the six weeks this year you have to put it up a week in advance because Thanksgiving falls at the end of the month.”

It turns out Nov. 28 is the latest possible day Thanksgiving can fall. The holiday always comes on the fourth Thursday of the month, so this is one of those years that can cause the great Christmas conflict.

Some of us argued (quite unsuccessfully) with our colleague he needs to sacrifice a week of Christmas to protect the sanctity of Thanksgiving. But he wasn’t buying it.

“The length of time supercedes everything else,” he insists. “If the calendar were shifted by only one day this year, I’d be putting it up normally. But because the calendar was one day off, 24 hours, they’re asking me to wait another entire week. And I’m not doing that.”

Making things even worse for some families is Hanukkah falling on the Thanksgiving Thursday this year. Thanksgivica anyone?

What do you think? Take our poll and let us know. Does putting up the tree this weekend tarnish turkey day?

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