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Don: I don’t like JFK

As the nation commemorates the 50th anniversary of JFK's assasination, KIRO Radio's Don O'Neill explains why he is critical of the beloved former president. (AP file)

Taken from Wednesday’s edition of the Ron and Don Show.

Don says:

I don’t like JFK. I know everybody loves him and I just don’t. And the reason I don’t love him has nothing to do with politics. He did something my father did to my mother and that’s why I can’t stand the guy. And he did it over and over and over again and he did it in his wife’s face.

He would send his wife away on the weekends when he would stay at the White House and he would sleep with lots of different women. Hundreds of different women.

Everyday he would go down to the swimming pool and go for a swim naked and he would swim with 17-year-old girls from the secretary pool.

His wife I guess knew about this and kind of looked the other way. But you’d think at some point that she would have been enough, that his family would have been enough, that the White House would have been enough, that all this power he had would have been enough.

But it just wasn’t enough. And I think a lot of that came from his dad. I don’t think his dad was the nicest man in the world either.

And the whole Camelot thing I think is BS. I mean he was only president for two-and-a-half years. He wasn’t president for four years. You find out once you’re in your second-term that Camelot falls apart.

Ask any second-term president, whether you’re George W. Bush, whether you’re Mr. Clinton, or whether you’re Ronald Reagan or you see what Obama’s going through right now. I mean Camelot, it was a farce. And if TMZ was around back then, he would have gone the way of his brother Teddy.

How come Teddy never became president? Because of what happened at Chappaquiddick. And we all know what happened at Chappaquiddick. And that came from their father Joe too, right?

You have a woman that’s dying, instead of trying to save her life, you try to save your own and you go for a swim and you pretend you didn’t know what happened. And then he could never run for president.

There were a lot of people that were doing that. And both those guys were dirt bags when it came to the women in their lives. And they cheated on them a lot and it pisses me off and I don’t like it and it’s something that my father did to my mother. And I don’t like guys like that. I just don’t.

Taken from Wednesday’s edition of the Ron and Don Show.


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