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Police arrest vandals who hit 79 cars in Puyallup

A woman is caught on surveillance video vandalizing a truck in Puyallup. (Puyallup PD image)

Puyallup police have arrested two people responsible for a
vandalism spree that left 79 cars damaged last weekend.

A 22-year old woman and 24-year old man, both from Puyallup, were captured Thursday afternoon after being identified on videotape of one of the incidents, according to Capt. Scott Engle.

The pair allegedly smashed windows and mirrors on dozens of cars with a baseball bat or metal pipe during a three-night spree that began last Friday night.

“The two appear to have an anger problem and they were out mashing windows and mirrors for the thrill of it and apparently as a means to release some anger,” Engle says.

A possible third suspect is still outstanding.

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