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Seattle sketch comedy show ‘The 206’ returns for second season


Seattle sketch comedy series “The 206” will be coming back for its second season this Saturday night following “Saturday Night Live” on NBC.

Starring “Almost Live” alums Pat Cashman, John Keister, and Cashman’s son Chris, they tell KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson Show that they use some of the old formula of what worked on “Almost Live,” but give it a fresh twist.

The show content is Northwest-centric. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed the hit BBC series “Downton Abbey” with Renton? These guys did.

“Downton Abbey was very hot, so we created Renton Abbey,” says Chris Cashman.

They also did a sketch based on AMC hit “Breaking Bad” because Chris thought his dad looked so much like Bryan Cranston’s character Walter White.

Cashman and Keister had been getting requests for years to bring a local sketch comedy show back. Chris says it was good timing and technology that made it possible now.

While the show airs on KING 5, the guys produce it on their own, following in the footsteps of others who’ve successfully produced TV projects independently.

“I reference Louie C.K. Right before this happened, he had done an interview where he said, ‘Look the reason I have my TV show is because I write it and I edit it,'” says Chris. “So we sort of followed that model and said lets be modest with this, let’s figure out a way to do this affordably, with the resources we have, and a lot of the stuff is edited on the fly and on the go on a laptop.”

Their latest efforts hit the air this Saturday, Nov. 16, at 1:05 a.m. after SNL on KING 5. You can also view a sampling of their work at the206online.

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