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Not so fast: Margin narrows for SeaTac minimum wage measure

Days after declaring victory in the bid for the nation’s highest minimum wage, the margin continues to narrow in the latest election results released Friday evening, with the measure for a $15 minimum wage now leading by just 43 votes.

The current numbers show City of SeaTac Proposition No. 1 received 2,544 ‘yes’ votes and 2,501 ‘no’ votes.

Backers of the “Good Jobs Initiative” declared victory on Tuesday night, soon after the first results were announced.

The campaign against the measure expected about 6,000 voters to cast ballots in the race, according to a spokesman with Common Sense Seatac. With 5,045 ballots counted so far, and based on their own polling, the race could turn in the coming days.

King County Elections reports 6,073 ballots have been returned.

Ballots will continue to be counted and the race certified November 26.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, it’s going to come down to the wire for incumbent Richard Conlin on the Seattle City Council. His challenger, Socialist Kshama Sawant, continues to close the gap. Conlin’s lead is just 1,237 votes and the results continue trending Sawant’s way.

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