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Your tax dollars at work: Ferry worker reinstated after smearing food on woman’s car

Dori Monson says the case of a Washington ferry worker reinstated after a firing shows how public unions are the most destructive force in government.

Taken from Monday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.

How would you feel if while onboard a Washington State Ferry, you found out that a state ferry worker had smeared food all over your car?

That is what happened to Marcy Gwiazdon on the Edmonds-Kingston run.

She had her dog in the car, and some fast food. She wanted to run up on the deck. She says she told a worker, hey my dog will eat my food if I leave it in the car, I’m just going to set it right here underneath my car and I’ll grab it when I come back down.

But upon returning to her car, she found a mess. The employee she’d spoken with earlier reported that another ferry worker became enraged when he saw the food because he thought she was littering. So the ferry worker vandalized her car.

The ferry worker smeared her food on the car handles, stroganoff and dessert, and after the investigation, that worker was fired over the incident.

But we just found out, that worker who vandalized a citizen’s car on the Edmonds-Kingston ferry, a ferry system worker, has been allowed to return to his job.

The ferry workers’ union filed a grievance over his firing for smearing food on a citizen’s car, and he can keep his job after that.

This is where your tax money is going, to pay guys like that.

KING 5 obtained a copy of the ferry investigation report apparently, which included a statement from the ferry worker. He reportedly said, ‘Those noodles sent me sideways.’

If somebody has got that kind of an anger management issue, they’re not safe to be operating on the ferryboat. What are they going to do, throw somebody over the edge if they get set off? They’re not safe and they get reinstated to their job.

It’s impossible to fire bad workers and this is why the public unions are the most destructive force in government because they protect horrible workers who should not be on the job, and in this case I would suggest are even unsafe to be on the job.

Taken from Monday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.

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