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Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch profiled on ESPN’s ‘E:60’

For those who want a closer look at Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, the tinted visor will be off as the man behind Beast Mode is featured on this week’s “E:60” episode.

The ESPN show catches up with Lynch for an interview in his hometown of Oakland. It’s clear the Seattle Seahawk still has strong roots in his hometown.

“I’ll be damned if somebody from Oakland say that Marshawn don’t come back and be in his community because that would be a lie for sure,” says Lynch in the trailer for the episode.

Lynch talks about what it was like going from circumstances where he sometimes didn’t have enough to eat to becoming a successful player in the NFL.

“It’s a look at Lynch that few people have seen in a view of his life away from the game. He opens up about his devotion to the city of Oakland, his family, and his love for Seattle and the Seahawks fans that are so devoted to him,” writes Terry Blount with

“E:60 – Marshawn Lynch” will air on ESPN at 4 p.m. Tuesday.

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