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Sorry Miley: Twerking banned at Lacey high school

It might be OK for Miley Cyrus, but a Thurston County High School is just the latest to ban twerking and other dirty dancing.

Lacey’s River Ridge High School is now making students and parents sign a contract promising that they won’t do any dancing that looks like they’re having sex at any school sanctioned event.

“Kids express themselves differently these days. All you have to do is turn on YouTube and see Miley Cyrus. And we just want them to know that at a school dance there’s certain expectations about how you dance,” says Courtney Schrieve, community relations director with the North Thurston School District.

The contract prohibits laying on the ground/floor, bending over 45 degrees while dancing, and lap dancing.

“The parents like the contract, I’m not sure all the students like the contract but they abide by it,” Schrieve says.

Students get a warning for their first offense. But if they keep up with the dirty dancing, they can be removed from the dance floor or kicked out and banned from future dances.

Schrieve points out the contract is far from unique, as more schools move to keep dancing from getting out of hand.

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