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Talk show host’s broken-down car lands him on morning traffic report

Talk show hosts are supposed to share the news, not be the news, but Wednesday morning 770 KTTH host David Boze made it on his own airwaves as a traffic incident.

David was making his way down the Southcenter hill on I-5 when his car started sputtering. He quickly tried to get over to the side of the road, but unfortunately, the point where his car stopped wasn’t exactly ideal.

“I realize that the only place I can pull over, that has a shoulder, is the off-ramp to I-405, which is where I don’t want to go, but there was nothing I could do. I had to get off on that exit,” says David. “So then I managed to roll and make it just to the point of the curve where I’m just beyond, and I’m on the blind side of the curve. So I’m just barely on the shoulder on the blind side of the curve.”

Heavy fog also didn’t help his situation as drivers were surprised to see the disabled vehicle as they came around the turn.

“Yes, I was the guy on the side of the road there,” says Boze. “I did have the pleasure of hearing Harmon Shay talk about my car being among the potential distractions on the road. Harmon Shay was talking about this car and I thought, that’s me Harmon, help me, help me, Harmon.”

Already running a little late, Boze was worried he wouldn’t make it to the station in time for the show. He put out a call to fans on Facebook and Twitter and called AAA.

“I should have gotten out there and started waving my KTTH jacket, saying, ‘Hey pick me up, I’ve got to get to my show.’ I was in friendly country out there.”

But who responded faster, listeners or AAA?

“It’s AAA. Good job to them,” says Boze, who managed to make it to the station just in time for the start of his show.

It turns out his car wasn’t actually experiencing any serious mechanical issues, but just out of gas. He learned his gas gauge isn’t giving a proper reading. So never fear, Boze Show fans, he says he’s all gassed up and ready to go for tomorrow.

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