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‘Harvest Festival’ teaches kids words don’t have real meaning

It's about this time of year that another crop of stories schools canceling a beloved Halloween tradition make their way into our email inboxes and our Facebook feeds. (AP Photo/File)

It’s the war on Christmas Halloween.

Or at least it seems that way. According to John Curley, you can always find people that don’t like these types of things.

John calls these few sticks-in-the-mud “attention-seekers.” They’re not participating because they feel very strongly about it, but because they want to draw attention to the fact that they’re not participating.

John says it’s these people who are writing letters to your kids’ schools. These letters read ‘I don’t want my kid participating,’ because of religious beliefs, or because it’s unsafe, or because their kid has a peanut allergy.

“So then the school administrator, to coddle the one overly sensitive person, then takes away the fun for everyone else. So there is no parade, there are no costumes, and there are no treats at Halloween in school,” says John.

But what really gets John this year, is that his kids’ school is holding a “Harvest Festival.”

“Don’t do that to the kids. See what it does? It teaches them hypocrisy – that words don’t have real meaning and you use the words that are politically correct so that no one gets offended.”

Tom & Curley fully support the celebration of Halloween, but John would prefer it if you left the fake blood at home.

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