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Why it doesn’t make sense to stock up on groceries before strike

David Boze explains why it doesn't make sense to stock up before the strike. Michael Medved is upset about his options on where to shop once the strike begins. (AP Photo/Jeff Barnard)

Taken from Monday’s edition of The David Boze Show.

If grocery store clerks go on strike, will you cross the picket line? That is the question that’s been weighing on me.

Union leaders are warning that grocery workers at four major chains could walk off the job Monday at 7 p.m. if no contract agreement is reached.

In my mind, I noticed that mentally I was thinking I should stock up on things before the strike. But of course, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

If you support the clerks, and you say I’m not crossing that picket line, and you run in and you buy enough stuff ahead of time so that you’re never really inconvenienced, the store itself just gets the same profit. The same amount of food is being sold, so there really isn’t that great of an impact.

When I first read about it, I thought, well if I’m shopping at Fred Meyer, I guess if they go on strike I could always shop at Safeway – oh well, I could always shop at Albertson’s – oh well.

Four major grocery stores, Safeway, Fred Meyer, QFC and Albertson’s will be impacted by the strike.

“We’re all supposed to go to PCC, says 770 KTTH host Michael Medved, who adds he’s not too thrilled about that. “I don’t like shopping there because of the left-wing ideology.”

PCC is PC.

“It’s very left wing and I would prefer to go to a good, solid for-profit corporation,” says Medved.

That’s where I fall down too. I may have to make a value judgment there.

If you’re looking for more grocery retailer options, the group “Stand With Our Checkers” created a map of alternative grocery stores of “home grown local union employers” that won’t face strikes.

Taken from Monday’s edition of The David Boze Show.

Grocery workers may walk off the job Monday

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