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Clemson University latest to tackle Seahawks stadium noise record

Has the whole stadium noise thing gotten out of hand? It sure seems that way after Clemson University announced Wednesday it would try to break the record set by Seahawks fans and topped by Kansas City last Sunday.

“We have seen numbers approaching the World Record previously, but with the magnitude of this game, the size of the crowd and the passion of Clemson fans, there’s little doubt we will be able to set a new record,” director of athletic marketing Mike Money said in a statement.

Seahawks fans claimed the Guinness record for loudest sports stadium in the world last month against the 49ers, hitting an earsplitting 136.6 decibels.

But the record was short lived, as fans at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium were measured at 137.5 decibels in the closing minutes of their game Sunday against the Raiders.

If size matters, then the Clemson faithful definitely have an advantage. Legendary Memorial Stadium boasts a maximum capacity of 81,500, over 10,000 more than CenturyLink Field and about 2,000 more than Arrowhead Stadium.

Fans, at what’s known as Death Valley, have always been rabid. On Saturday, they have the added incentive of a clash against hated rival Florida State. Both teams are ranked in the top 5.

Even before Clemson announced its record-setting effort, the group behind Seattle’s short-lived record said it has received approval from Guinness to try again. That would likely come when the Seahawks take on the New Orleans Saints in front of a national audience Monday December 2.

But where does it all end? Even if Seattle can somehow reclaim the title, what’s to stop someone else from topping it? Just this week came word Bristol Motor Speedway in Tenn. would host the largest football crowd ever, with 160,000 expected for a game next year between Tennessee and Virginia Tech. Maybe it’s time to end the arms race – or should I say throat race.

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