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Report: Guinness OKs another 12th Man noise-record attempt if Seahawks approve


Guinness World Records will reportedly allow Seahawks fans to take another run at a noise record when the team takes on the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football, Dec. 2.

Joe Tafoya, the former player behind the first effort to break a noise record at CenturyLink, tweeted out that Guinness says if fans and the organization are behind it, Seattle can take another shot.

Seahawks fans briefly held the record for the “loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium” after hitting 136.6 decibels in the Sept. 15 game against the San Francisco 49ers, topping the old record of 131.76 set at a soccer match at the Turk Telecom Arena in Istanbul, Turkey.

But last Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs fans hit 137.5 decibels, putting fans at Arrowhead Stadium atop the 12th man as loudest fans in the NFL. It took Chiefs fans until the fourth quarter to hit the record.

“In the fourth quarter, they got to 135.4, and that’s where we thought they were going to finish,” said the adjudicator from Guinness, Philip Robertson. “Heads dropped, but then the fans really started working together.”

KIRO Radio’s Don O’Neil says he thinks the new record isn’t quite fair.

“We were responding to the game,” says Don. “It wasn’t artificial. I’m wondering why Kansas City got to do it that way.”

Don says Seahawks fans didn’t even know they broke the record until they got home, while Chiefs fans got to see the meter on a huge video screen. They were also prompted, while the 12th Man was merely reacting to the game.

He also says it wasn’t the loudest he’s ever heard the stadium on the day the 12th Man broke the record.

“If you went back to the time when we really launched Beast Mode… that’s probably the loudest I’ve heard it at CenturyLink,” says Don.

He also recommends a rematch during the Saints game.

It looks like it’s up to the Seahawks organization and the 12th Man to decide if they’re ready to take back the title.

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