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The voice of Siri has been revealed

The rumors ran amok. Who is the real voice of Siri?

Is it actress Angelina Jolie? Or actress Kathy Bates? Bates did appear via computer on “The Office.”

Nope, it turns out that the ‘Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface’ on your iPhone is Susan Bennett.

The voice actress revealed to CNN that she is Siri, a fact that at first was a surprise even to her and she thought it was a little creepy.

“The first time I actually heard my voice as Siri was when my friend emailed me and said, ‘Isn’t this you?'” she told CNN. “And because I didn’t have the newest version of the iPhone I went to the Apple site and that’s where I heard the voice. And I was like, ‘Oh! That is me!'”

There’s a reason why she had no idea she was the voice of your phone.

“The Siri voices were recorded in 2005, in the month of July, four hours a day for the whole month. So when I recorded those voices I had absolutely no idea where they would end up,” she said.

At first it made her very uncomfortable to know that she was becoming the most familiar voice in America, “It took some time to get used to it, but she and I are friends now.”

Not to be outdone, we learned last month Microsoft is working on something similar to Siri code-named Cortana.

A name you might recognize, if you play a certain video game: The voice is the same as the character from Halo. It will be a part of the overhaul in Microsoft’s TellMe service.

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