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More gay couples in Seattle than San Francisco

New research shows Seattle has the most gay couples in America, surpassing San Francisco. (AP file)

San Francisco has always been able to lay claim to the most gay couples in America, but Seattle is now home to the highest percentage of gay-couple households among America’s large cities.

New estimates from the Census Bureau show that last year, 2.6 percent of Seattle households were gay couples, researcher Gene Balk at The Seattle Times determined. That’s the highest percentage among the 50 most populous cities in the United States.

It’s a big change from previous years. San Francisco had 2.4 percent gay-couple households to Seattle’s 1.7 in 2011.

Until 2013, San Francisco held the top spot since the Census Bureau began counting same-sex couples in 2000.

San Francisco still holds the top spot for the percentage of gay-male households. But Seattle is number one for lesbian couples, with gay women making up 1.2 percent of households in 2012

The report says about one in every 17 couple households in the city are gay. That’s about 7,551 gay couples, whether married or unmarried, out of about 125,000 couples total living in the city.

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