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Now we can get the real Obamacare story

President Barack Obama with Vice President Joe Biden speaks about the Affordable Care Act in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, April 1, 2014. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

In the Rose Garden, the president fired off this question at his critics, “Why are folks working so hard for people not to have health insurance?”

I think he’s been in politics long enough to know the answer to that one.

It’s because in our system, the minority party – in this case the Republicans – always has to create a sense of fear to raise money and win elections. You’ve got to scare people, even if it means making stuff up.

“There are still no death panels,” said Obama.

So he claims anyway.

But here’s the beautiful thing about a law as sweeping as this. You now have millions of inside sources on Obamacare.

You will know somebody who’s been through the exchange. You can ask them what their premiums are, and how much they paid for the knee surgery, or the CAT scan.

“The Affordable Care Act is here to stay,” said Obama.


But since the November election is setting up as a health care referendum, I think we should all get nosy. We don’t need anecdotes from the media or the politicians – find someone you know with health insurance and ask them.

If you start hearing a lot of stories about how your friends have been screwed over by their new policies, you can vote to go back to a system that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get care, and restores your freedom to be bankrupted if you or your kid gets sick.

But at least find out. There’s no reason to waste time on speculation. Find out what’s really happening, and vote based on what you know, not on what some commentator tells you.

I know I hate it when some voice on the radio tells me what to think.

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