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Seattle brewery introduces 12th Can, a beer for Seahawks 12th Man

A 12th Can is a session pale ale and about 4.5 percent ABV. ( Photo/Alyssa Kleven)

Pull on that jersey, wave your 12th man flag high, and prepare your appropriate tailgate banquet, but don’t forget the beer.

Hilliards, the Ballard-based purveyors of locally brewed, canned beer have released a Seahawks specific ale.

A 12th Can, to be specific.

It’s a session pale ale and about 4.5 percent ABV.

“Everybody here at the brewery – and everyone here in Washington is super excited about the Hawks,” said Adam Merkl, co-founder of Hilliards Brewery. “It was really amazing watching them last year go as far as they had. And we really wanted to do a beer dedicated to the fans this year. 12th Can seemed like a great fit for the brewery.”

Hilliards hosted a kick-off party for the 12th Can Thursday in Ballard at their taproom.

They say on their website that the brew pairs well with victory, which is good – since Merkl said a win is inevitable.

The 12th Can is available at most local grocery store chains. You can also pick it up at their taproom.

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