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The Supreme Court versus God

Customers enter and exit a Hobby Lobby store in Denver. The Obama administration and its opponents are renewing the Supreme Court battle over President Barack Obama's health care law in a case that pits the religious rights of employers against the rights of women to the birth control of their choice. (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski, File)

When the devout control private, for-profit businesses, what rights do they have over you as your employer?

Could they make you go to church on Sunday? Could they make you kneel in prayer five times a day?
No, because we all agree that would be going too far.

But on Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments about whether private businesses with devout owners should be exempt from providing health plans to employees under the Affordable Care Act that include access to contraception.

It’s known as the Hobby Lobby case, named for one of the companies that sued because its religious owners believes that God prohibits contraception.

And that Hobby Lobby would take the matter all the way to the Supreme Court tells me those owners truly believe they would end up in hell if they obeyed that law.

So the court has a tough decision to make. Even the Supreme Court is not above God, and I don’t imagine it wants to be seen as forcing Americans to do what sends them to hell.

But I should also point out there are many things that can get you sent to hell. I have religious acquaintances who feel that one or two recent wars that they were forced to pay for, as well as our entire nuclear arsenal, are a clear violation of at least one of the major commandments.

So if the Supreme Court is going to protect one person’s religious sensitivities over how the government forces them to spend their money, wouldn’t they have to do the same for everybody?

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