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Hey cheaters: Sleep texting is a thing, but you should be held accountable

Not everyone thinks that just because you're sleeping when you texted your a former flame means you're off the hook the next morning. (AP Photo/File)

Cheating boyfriends of the world – you now have a totally weird medical condition you can blame if your girlfriend finds a text to a former flame.

It’s called “sleep texting.”

Not everyone is convinced it’s a real thing – KIRO Radio host John Curley says it’s “BS.”

But John’s going head-to-head with an expert in sleep. Dr. Lina Fine, a sleep neurologist at Swedish Medical Center, described to KOMO a man who texted an ex-girlfriend in his sleep as one of a growing number of patients who text or update Facebook and Twitter in their sleep.

If you can open the door and walk down the street when you’re sleep walking, is it really that farfetched someone could start texting while asleep?

Co-host Tom Tangney thinks it’s possible, but that doesn’t mean a straying boyfriend should be off the hook for texting a former girlfriend in his sleep.

John contends that you can’t hold people accountable for what they do in their sleep. Take dreaming, for example.

“In my dream,” he says to Tom, “I dressed you up like Thomas the Train, and put a leash around your neck and took you for a walk and poured chocolate on you.”

John says he’s not responsible for his subconscious.

But Tom argues that for a cheating boyfriend to bring up an ex, even subconsciously, that should make their partner think twice about their relationship. “I don’t think it gets you off the hook, whether it’s conscious or subconscious.”

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