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If you see this bracelet, run the other way

There's a new way to spot singles. But Ron says if you see these bracelets, run the other direction. (Image courtesy Facebook - My Single World)

There’s a new way to spot singles out on the town.

A company called My Single World has come out with a new line of bracelets meant to make it easy for singles to spot one another.

“You’re going to advertise that you’re single and it’s going to help you find your true love,” says KIRO Radio host Don O’Neill, explaining the concept. “You’re not going to need OK Cupid or anymore.”

The bands come in multiple colors and are labeled with the My Single Band logo and the words Fate, Destiny, and Future.

While it’s an interesting idea, Ron worries about the type of singles that would wear such an accessory.

“There’s not one woman you would want to date that would wear one of these,” says Ron. “This company, I guarantee you, was started up by three dudes that have never between them had one date.”

More than a way to spot people you might want to date, Ron says it’s a good way to spot people you should avoid.

“If you see a woman wearing this bracelet, stay as far away as possible from that woman because any self-respecting woman would never wear this,” says Ron. “She is absolutely crazy.”

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