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This summer was great, but not perfect

While many days were sunny, we didn't have a dry streak on all the major summer weekends. (AP Photo/file)

People often refer to summer starting with Memorial Day Weekend and ending with Labor Day Weekend. Many feel this has been the best summer in a long time, and it has been a fine summer. Yet despite the good weather for the Fourth of July and Labor Day Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend was cool and wet.

When was the last time all three summer holidays in the Seattle area had good weather? Accomplishing that feat is actually hard to do.

In reviewing the records so far this century, the closest to a summer with all three holiday periods having good weather was in 2005. Not even the fine summers in 2006, 2009, 2012 or even this year accomplished that feat.

In 2005, Memorial Day Weekend, Friday the 27th through Monday the 30th, had no rain. Two of the days had highs of 89 and 76 degrees. The Fourth of July fell on a Monday, meaning it was also a three day weekend. Again, no rain fell and two days had highs of 75 and 79. So far, so good.

Labor Day Weekend that year had a thunderstorm roll through on Sunday dumping 0.20 inches at SeaTac Airport and 0.09 inches at Seattle Sand Point. Yet high temperatures for all four days were 72, 71, 68, and 70 degrees, all pretty warm.

So 2005 is the closest to having all three summer holiday periods with good weather so far this century.

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