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Prosecutor: Randle man admits he made up story about forest attack

A Randle, Wash. man who told police a story about an ambush by strangers on a remote, backwoods road now admits he killed his fiance.

Last July, Corey Morgan told deputies he and his fiance were visiting their “special place” on Forest Service Road 73, in Lewis County, when they were jumped by three men who attacked his fiance.

Morgan claimed he fought off the strangers and then crashed a truck in a getaway attempt, leaving Brenda Bail, 48, with a head injury. Lewis County deputy prosecutor Shane O’Rourke said Morgan’s story unraveled after an autopsy revealed Bail was strangled.

Morgan, 32, pleaded guilty to second degree murder domestic violence and assault. Prosecutors will recommend 23 years in prison, the high end of the standard range, when Morgan is sentenced in October.

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