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Take that, imperialist Russians!

An elderly woman holds a calendar depicting Soviet leader Josef Stalin while watching a large screen showing a broadcast of Russian President Vladimir Putin's speech on Crimea in Sevastopol, Crimea, Tuesday, March 18, 2014 as thousands of pro-Russian people gathered to watch the address. Fiercely defending Russia's move to annex Crimea Putin said Russia had to respond to what he described as a western plot to take Ukraine into its influence.(AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

To punish Putin for arranging the spontaneous secession of Crimea, the President has lowered the boom on Russia.

Well, on seven Russians.

Actually only on the assets of seven Russians. Assets they probably moved out of the U.S. long ago. Their Starbucks cards no longer work – I’m pretty sure about that.

But what’s refreshing is, all of a sudden, the U.S. doesn’t look quite so imperialist anymore! We haven’t pulled anything like this since Texas spontaneously decided to leave Mexico – at least that’s the way they taught it when I was in school.

So now the question is, what about the region immediately north of Crimea, which is also pro-Russian? That’s where CBS’ Charlie D’Agata decided to take the pulse of the nearest crowd.

“If you had a referendum here, like Crimea, how would you vote?”

And as they cheer, they say the would vote to be with Russia.

More happy Russians eager to leave Ukraine – and what does that mean? It means what’s left of Ukraine is even more pro-Western than it was when Putin started all this out of fear Ukraine was becoming to pro-Western!

And you see where this leads?

Ukraine would very soon be one wall away from being like East and West Germany. I was in Berlin as the wall came down making the trip from the West to the East, which took you back about 40 years to a world that smelled like burning coal and served as a reality show of Communist deprivation side-by-side with Western prosperity.

If Putin wants a do-over of those years, bring it on. Let the world see for itself.

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