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Why do we expect students to follow the rules, but teachers can break the law?

Washington teachers are breaking the law if they go on strike, yet it seems the union threatens it every year. Dori can't understand why we expect students to follow rules, but teachers can break the law. (AP)

Taken from Wednesday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.

I’m tired of kids and parents being held hostage every single year here in Western Washington.

So it goes, another year and another series of threats of teachers’ strikes. The Seattle School District has been sending out robocalls to all of its families saying you better make some other plans if you were planning on your kids going to school next week.

“With the start of school on Sept. 4 we are encouraging families to develop backup plans should Seattle public schools not open on time. We realize the impact a labor strike would have on our families. We are working with childcare providers and the City of Seattle to develop options for your students in the event school is not in session on Sept. 4,” said the call.

So the threat is out there. Parents’ lives are going to be disrupted. Kids’ lives are going to be toyed with once again, so the union can flex its muscles.

This is a tactic of the WEA every year. They move it from district to district. This year, it’s South Kitsap and Seattle that are threatening a strike.

Here’s what an angry Seattle teacher had to say to Q13 Fox:

“It’s very insulting, what they’re proposing for us, to work extra without pay,” she said.

You know what is insulting? The teachers breaking the law every single year.

A lot of people don’t realize that teachers’ strikes are illegal in our state. Public employees are prohibited by state law from striking. Teachers strikes are illegal. But because the union has so much political muscle, they are able to pull off this illegal caper every single year, from district to district, because there is nobody who has the guts to stand up to the teachers’ union.

What needs to happen is teachers who go on strike should be fired. What happens when a kid breaks a rule at school? They’re suspended, they’re expelled because we have zero tolerance policies. We expect our kids to follow the rules. I mean, you bite a pop tart into the shape of the gun and you are expelled from school. You must tow the line if you are a child in our state. If you’re a teacher, oh they’ll break the law.

The hypocrisy of the teachers who stand in front of classrooms and say to kids, “We expect you to follow the rules or else you’re going to be suspended.” These are the same teachers who don’t mind breaking the law to go on strike.

The fact is, there is no downside for the teachers when they go on strike because they are going to get 180 days. They’re not going to lose any pay. Almost all workers that go on strike lose money; they’re putting something on the line. The teachers, they don’t. They get their full pay. They risk nothing. And they’re breaking the law.

Taken from Wednesday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.

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