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Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn looks like fool in Fox News interview


Taken from Monday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.

It was bizarre to see Seattle’s Mayor Mike McGinn on Fox News channel Friday night with Greta Van Susteren talking about this movement to put stickers in the windows of businesses declaring it a gun free zone.

Listen when Greta Van Susteren asked him questions, how he didn’t even come close to answering what she had asked.

Van Susteren: Mayor, before I got on television, I was a criminal defense lawyer, and if my clients heard that there was a store that was part of a “gun free zone,” it would be open season on that store. I know that part of the program is they also put stickers on their windows if they’re gun free. I actually was very curious about your program because I thought it did just the flip. I thought it put these businesses at greater risk of armed robbery.

McGinn: You know, we’ve been sitting here in Seattle and we’ve seen the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

Unbelievable. Her question is: Doesn’t this make those businesses more vulnerable? McGinn just decides we’re going to talk about Sandy Hook. He continues:

McGinn: We’ve seen tragedies in our own city and we see no action from the federal government. We have a state government that actually prevents me, as a mayor, from banning guns in our parks and community centers.

Whoa. This is amazing to me. We don’t have a state government that prevents you from banning guns in parks Mr. Mayor. We have something called a state constitution. Maybe you’ve never heard of that, but it’s the guiding document for the state of Washington and if you violate it, you are doing something that is known as unconstitutional.

When you try to ramrod through something unconstitutional and it goes all the way to the state Supreme Court, and they say, ‘No Mike McGinn, you cannot ban guns in parks because that violates the state constitution.’ That isn’t the state government banning you, prohibiting you, that’s the state constitution Mr. Mayor.

This is why Mike McGinn will not do my show by the way, because if he tried pulling that nonsense with me, I’d do exactly what I just did. I’d call him out on it and say, “So you don’t believe in following the constitution? Your wisdom is so much greater than the framers of our state and our federal constitutions so we can ignore them so you can pursue your social and political agendas.

He would not answer Van Susteren’s question that was asked a couple different times about whether it makes businesses more vulnerable if thieves know that no one in there is going to have a gun. Take a look at another one of her attempts to ask the same question.

Van Susteren: If I talk to my old clients and I said to them ‘there are two businesses, one has a decal ‘No guns here. This is a gun-free zone’ and the other one doesn’t have the decal.’ You know what, my clients are smart enough, they’re criminal enough, they’d go into the one with the decal because that would be the place the store owner isn’t going to shoot him if they try to hold him up.

McGinn: You know what we’d like to see? We’d actually like to see the federal government pass a law that closes the gun show loophole so that criminals would have a tougher time getting a gun.

Does he just sound like a stooge when he’s on a national stage like that?

Her point is you’ve got a criminal with a gun and one business says “We’re gun free,” and the next one might be armed, which one is the criminal going to go in? And Mike McGinn just starts answering this stock answer about gun shows.

McGinn’s performance was hilarious and embarrassing.

Taken from Monday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.


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