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Snap, crackle, popped: Pot-infused Rice Krispies treats prove costly for Hempfest seller

So much for taking advantage of the munchies at Hempfest. One guy is paying a hefty price for trying to make a few bucks with some marijuana-infused Rice Krispies Treats.

While there were few problems inside the festival, some Seattle Police bike patrol officers making sure vendors had the proper permits came upon a guy selling the treats outside for $3 each.

Unfortunately for him, his bake sale was unlicensed. And adding insult to injury, it turns out there was a little extra to go with the snap, crackle, and pot.

“When officers asked the man if the treats were laced with marijuana, he told them they contained ‘a little. Not too much, but a little,” writes Jonah Spangenthal-Lee on the SPD blotter.

Talk about harshing his buzz. The guy got a $513 ticket for unlicensed vending, and the cops relieved him of his stash – all 94 Rice Krispies Treats that smelled like pot. Officers destroyed the baked goods.

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