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New NFL bag policy will be enforced at Seahawks game Saturday

The entire NFL is implementing a new policy on the type of bags you can bring into the stadium during football games. (AP Photo/Jim Prisching)

The entire NFL is implementing a new policy on the type of bags you can bring into the stadium during football games. The new rules go into effect at CenturyLink Field for the first time at the Seahawks-Broncos game Saturday night.

From now on, you can only bring in a very small clutch bag, or a clear plastic bag, during games.

The NFL’s Chief Security Officer, Jeff Miller, recently did an interview to explain why they decided on such tight restrictions.

“This year, we were looking at our entry point and our screening policy and right around that time we had the terrorist attack in Boston. We certainly had to acknowledge that,” says Miller.

Even the clear bag can’t be any larger than 12 inches by 12 inches. So, how did they decide on that size?

“The way we came about these parameters are, we looked at a way to allow people, if they wanted to bring a private item, they could bring a clutch purse which is about the size of a hand,” says Miller. “In addition, they can bring either a freezer bag that is a one-gallon freezer bag or a tote bag 12 by 6 by 12. This bag will allow you to bring anything that you think you need to bring. It just is clear so we can see it.”

Even diaper bags and seat cushions with pockets are now banned from games.

Some have said the bag is unfairly harsh on female fans because they tend to carry more private items, more than would fit in a bag the size of your hand. Miller says he doesn’t think so. He says they value all of the fans.

“One of the things that’s driving this, in addition to the public safety element, is the fact that fans have told us they value their safety. They’ve also told us they want to get into the stadium quicker. If we change this policy, which we’re doing, we’re going to be able to move fans more quickly through the gates because it’s a lot easier to screen these clear bags you can see into.”

The Seahawks say at the games this Saturday and on Sept. 15, they will have staff hand out one approved clear bag per person at the entry gates.

They will also have three temporary bag check stations, so if you forget to leave your stuff in the car, they’ll hold on to it for you until the end of the game.

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