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The biggest, most expensive fast food burger of all time is from Enumclaw
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The biggest, most expensive fast food burger of all time is from Enumclaw


It’s 12 and-a-half inches high, over 9,000 calories, and has been affectionately named “The Kraken.” It’s Beau Chevassus’s 20-patty Jumbo Jack burger from an Enumclaw Jack in the Box that he claims is the largest, most expensive fast food burger of all time at $38.23.

“20 patties later (a “Vigenuple Jumbo Jack”), several orders of bacon, every single cheese, a Wampa-amount of other add-ons, and an antenna ball topper,” said Beau on YouTube, “we get a humble Jumbo Jack that is exactly 9,044 calories and 12.5 inches of cardiac-stimulating magic.”

His goal was to order the largest free-standing burger he could get from a major fast food chain, and it had to be over $20.

“I chose Jack in the Box because, having worked there before, I knew and tearfully appreciated how they honor American individualism by making exactly what you order. Plus the people there are super-nice folks,” he said.

But Beau admits to KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson that he didn’t eat the enormous hamburger in one sitting; he still has sections of The Kraken frozen at home, and is slowly chipping away at his goal.

Beau is no stranger to going big. He previously made a video of himself ordering the most expensive Starbucks coffee: the Quadriginoctuple Frapuccino. But for Beau, viral video film-making is more about having fun than getting famous.

“If only 200 people view this thing, hey – as long as me and a couple of employees at Jack in the Box had fun, I am a happy camper,” said Beau.

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