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Dog killed by owner preparing for end of world, say deputies

A Skamania County man, arrested after killing his dog with a homemade explosive, claims he was preparing for the end of the world.

Sheriff’s deputies who went to Christopher Dillingham’s house at dawn Sunday found a window broken and a couch and other furnishings on the lawn.

Deputies reported they could hear banging and crashing coming from Dillingham’s house and later heard him muttering to himself. He was arrested without trouble. In a probable cause document, deputies stated that Dillingham told them the souls of demons were in household items and he was preparing for “the rapture.”

Dillingham, 45, admitted killing the dog because, he said, his ex-girlfriend put the devil in the animal. Deputies say the dog was decapitated by the explosive, which was placed around its neck.

Dillingham is charged with possession of a bomb or explosive device with intent to use for an unlawful purpose and two counts of reckless endangerment. He could face animal cruelty charges, as well.

Dillingham sold fireworks for years and told deputies he made the bomb from black powder contained in fireworks.

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