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Seth Rogen faces the US Senate

Usually when the U.S. Senate calls a witness, that person is an acknowledged expert on something.

“I don’t know if you know who I am at all, you told me you never saw “Knocked Up,” chairman, so.”

So why was actor and comedian Seth Rogen, famous for such films as “Knocked Up,” testifying?

Because he felt compelled to tell the very unfunny story of his mother-in-law who at 55 was diagnosed with Alzheimers.

“After forgetting who she and her loved ones were, my mother-in-law, a teacher for 35 years then forgot how to speak, feed herself, dress herself, all by the age of 60,” said Rogen.

So he and his wife decided to start a group called Hilarity for Charity – aimed at college students.

“Instead of being disappointed that young people were so misinformed at the reality of the disease, we’ve started to educate them,” he said.

I’ll admit, I was pretty impressed to hear the ultimate Millennial, from this generation we sometimes dismiss as unambitious and aimless, defying the stereotype that he helped create.

“I’ve personally seen the massive amount of financial strain this disease causes and if the American people ever decide to reject genitalia-driven comedy I will no longer be able to afford it. I know that if me and my wife saw someone like me talking about this, it would probably make us feel a little less alone.”

I think that’s a pretty classy thing, especially coming from a guy who admitted on the Daily Show that his latest film displayed the biggest penis ever in a movie.

I didn’t see it myself, but you don’t lie about something like that.

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