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‘Great day’ for Seattle PD as interim chief announces promotions

Interim Seattle Police Chief Jim Pugel announced Thursday what he called the largest number of promotions the department has made in several decades. (AP Photo)

Interim Seattle Police Chief Jim Pugel announced this week what he called the largest number of promotions at one time that the department has made in several decades.

In an email sent Thursday afternoon, he called the promotion of “outstanding supervisors and commanders” both gratifying and important.

“The last two months have been momentous in our history, as we have been able to promote nine sergeants, effectively addressing the large number of acting sergeants in Patrol,” he wrote in an email to members of the department. “And today I am proud to announce the next round of promotions.”

The Seattle Police Department announced the following promotions, effective Aug. 2, 2013:

Eric Sano, promoted to captain

Steven Wilske, promoted to captain

Carmen Best, promoted to captain

Brett Rogers, promoted to lieutenant

Steve Strand, promoted to lieutenant

Bryan Grenon, promoted to lieutenant

Daniel Amador, promoted to sergeant

Shanon Anderson, promoted to sergeant

David Hockett, promoted to sergeant

A badge-pinning ceremony was held Friday morning at police headquarters, with a formal promotion ceremony planned for mid-September.

“We believe this occasion will recognize the largest number of promotions in the Seattle Police Department in several decades,” Pugel wrote.

Also as part of the announcement, Pugel detailed the following transfers, effective Aug. 14, 2013:

Captain Robin Clark, on loan to Chief of Police as acting assistant chief

Captain Michael Washburn, transferring to Human Resources

Captain Chris Fowler, transferring to Professional Standards Section

Captain David Emerick, transferring to North Precinct

Captain Ronald Leavell, transferring to UASI-Homeland Security

Lt. Eric Greening, transferring to Internal Investigations

Lt. David Clavadetscher, transferring to CBRNE/Arson/Bomb

Lt. Matthew Allen, transferring to SWAT

Lt. Kenneth Hicks, transferring to Traffic

Lt Janet L. Cordner, transferring to North

Lt. Greg Sackman, transferring to North 2nd watch

Lt. John Heneghan, transferring to North 3rd watch

Lt. Ronald Rasmussen, transferring to East 2nd watch

Lt. Michael Kebba, transferring to Homicide

Lt. Phillip Hay, transferring to GIU/Abate/Fort/Camera

Lt. James Fitzgerald, transferring to Vice Admin

“All of our promotees, and those assuming new areas of command and responsibility, deserve our thanks for their service,” Pugel wrote. “This is a great day for the Seattle Police Department. Stay safe, and know that I hold the men and women of the Seattle Police Department in the highest esteem.”

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