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For rent: Mariner Moose doing a lot of moonlighting

Along with rallying fans at Safeco Field, the Mariner Moose makes over 200 appearances a year at everything from schools and hospitals to corporate events. (Mariners image)

Forget the usual clown or piano player for your next birthday party or wedding reception. Why not rent the Mariner Moose?

It turns out the Moose does a lot more than just run around Safeco Field during games. He also makes over 200 appearances around town each year for everything from hospital visits to corporate events.

While the Mariners don’t charge for many visits with kids and other good causes, you can rent the Moose for between $150 for a 15-minute visit to $600 for an hour-long corporate event.

The Moose isn’t the only mascot doing some moonlighting. The Wall Street Journal found nearly all the 26 major league mascots are available for birthday parties, school visits, and other events.

Costs are pretty comparable around the majors. Along with the Moose, the Phillie Phanatic and Mr. Met go for as much as $600 an hour. But Rebecca Hale, with the Mariners, says the team rarely charges the full corporate rate and does a number of non-profit events for $200 or less.

If you’re more of a Seahawks fan, you can also get their mascot Blitz to fly-by for a special appearance. The team offers a number of options for everything from kids’ parties and Bar Mitzvahs to weddings. A 30-minute appearance runs $300, while the 60-minute “Touchdown Package” costs $600. And the Seahawks give non-profits and educational organizations 50 percent discounts.

Both the M’s and Seahawks get dozens of requests a year and won’t guarantee an appearance just because you ask. After all, the Moose and Blitz are such fine fellows, they likely tend to shy away from things like bachelor parties.

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