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Time for today’s edition of ‘Who Said It?’

Who said it? A tax and spend democrat? A tax and spend republican? A tax and spend libertarian? No! This is Tom Donohue. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Here’s the quote:

“Increasing the gas tax is the right answer. It’s tough but it’s doable.”

Who said it?

A tax and spend Democrat? A tax and spend Republican? A tax and spend libertarian?

No! This is Tom Donohue, the head of the U.S Chamber of Commerce testifying Wednesday before a Senate Committee.

He’s an opponent of government over-regulation, opponent of Obamacare, opponent of increasing the minimum wage. But he’s also noticed that the U.S. transportation system is falling apart.

“The highway trust fund is simply going bankrupt,” said Donohue.

That’s because Congress can’t find the money. But Donohue says it’s staring them in the face.

“The simplest, effective way to generate enough revenue is by increasing federal gasoline and diesel tax.”

But wait a second! What about all the talk show hosts and business people who keep telling us that taxes kill jobs? Taxes sap America’s entrepreneurial drive? Eat away at workers pay checks?

“Polls show opposition to gas tax increases are significantly overblown,” said Donohue.

I thought no politician would dare enact a tax increase because it would cause the sky to fall and the economy to collapse.

But do you actually have mainstream support for this idea?
Yeah, but what about people who have to pay those taxes like truck drivers – and regular drivers?

“You have the combined support of business, labor, shippers, leaders of the American Trucking Association, and the leaders of the AAA,” said Donohue.

So literally, we’re hearing the business community is now begging Congress to raise federal taxes.

Do you know what that means? Somewhere a whole lot of pigs just got their wings.

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