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More weekend closures on I-5 in Seattle

Over the next eleven weekends, crews will replace freeway expansion joints on the I-5 corridor. (KIRO Radio/Tim Haeck)

Another weekend warning for I-5 drivers: Friday afternoon is the beginning of five straight weekends of lane and ramp closures in Seattle.

Contractors are repaving the Corson Avenue South off-ramps.

Drivers can see maps and get more information at the Washington State Department of Transportation website.

“At the ramps, we’re going to hydro-demolish, using water blasting, to remove the surface of the ramp pavement and then overlay those ramps with concrete,” said state Transportation Department construction engineer Aleta Borschowa.

The work is noisy and the state has established a noise hotline (206-440-4DOT) where callers can get construction updates and order earplugs.

Over the next eleven weekends, crews will also replace freeway expansion joints on the I-5 corridor. Borschowa said 50 years of wear and tear from increasing freight and other traffic have taken a toll.

“It’s worn out the surface of these ramps and it’s disintegrated these bridge joints beyond repair.”

The Corson Avenue exit ramps will remain closed until 5:00 a.m. Monday. The detour takes drivers to the Swift/ Albro exit.

The work is part of a $13.5 million Seattle special bridge repair project. The first phase, this summer, will include the paving and expansion joint work. Phase two, starting in Jan. 2014, will replace highway-wide expansion joints near the I-90 interchange.

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