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7-time felon wanted for Renton fight that ended in death

King County hasn’t charged anyone in the death of a 20-year-old Renton woman who was shot during a fist-fight two months ago, but prosecutors have charged the man they believe escalated the incident by first pulling a gun.

Lonnie Reynolds was killed at Liberty Park in Renton on May 22. She was there to watch a female friend fight another woman. There were two groups watching the intentional fight, but when one woman got the upper hand, both groups stepped in to break it up.

That’s when prosecutors say 30-year-old Linzy Hopkins pulled his gun and pistol-whipped a guy in the crowd. They say he then opened fire. Another man then pulled his gun and fired back.

Renton Police detective Robert Onishi told KIRO Radio, “At some point during the exchange the victim, who was not one of the primary participants in the original fist fight, suffered a gun shot wound.”

The Seattle PI reports Hopkins has been charged with assault and weapons possession for the pistol-whipping, but he has not been charged with Reynolds’ death.

Detectives haven’t determined which man shot her. The second shooter has not been charged in the case. Surveillance video backs up his claims that he pulled his gun and fired only after being targeted by the original shooter.

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